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Sara’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jan 2006

Location: Italy

MapHi everyone! Wow! I am having the best time so far! The plane ride was really long, but I ended up sitting with a girl from CU who is in the same program as me, which was nice. On our second flight there were 8 other students from our program as well. There are about 170 students in my program and 12 of them are guys! Everyone is very nice and friendly. On thursday we toured Rome with tour guides. We saw the colleseum, about 20 churches, the Trevi fountain, the tomb of Julius Caesar, several famous squares, the pantheon, and much much more. It was a long day of walking but it was AMAZING! On Friday we saw the Vatican. I was in such awe at the vatican, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. We went to the top of the dome for the BEST view of Rome. On Saturday we took busses to Siena where we will be for 3 weeks for an intensive italian language classes. Some of the activies we will be doing are wine tasting, cooking classes, a day at the spa, museum tours, etc. Siena is old and beautiful. It looks like the town in the movie Chocolate. I was able to get a cell phone so if you would like to call me you are more than welcome to. It's .40 cents a minute if you call from a 303 area code, so it's a little pricey but we can keep it short. The number is 011-39-3357127820. Remeber that we are 8 hours ahead of colorado time, so call me in the morning your time. I love you all! Will write soon! Ciao!