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Sara’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Feb 2007

Location: Italy

MapHi everyone! Just had an amazing weekend! On Friday I went to Cecina, a beach on the west coast of Italy, also known as the white beach! The sand was white, and the water was the clearest, bluest, prettiest water Iíve ever seen! My friend John drove me there so it was also really nice to be able to drive through Tuscany to see the landscape. Tuscany actually reminds me a lot of Boulder. There are a lot of hills (they look like the foothills/flatirons) with towns right at the bottom. I actually felt like I was home! After going to the beach, we took a train to Bologna. We went out in Bologna Friday night and had a blast with our English friends! They have been teaching us all of their English lingo and slang! Itís so fascinating to me! Then on Saturday we walked around and saw the town (plus did some shopping!). Bologna is beautiful! I plan on going back next weekend for a day trip! Then on Sunday I went to the Academia museum and saw The David! There arenít words to explain how amazing that statue is. As one guy put itÖafter seeing The David, there is no need to ever see another statue. I stared at it for a good 15 minutes! There are some other amazing paintings there as well. Itís so neat how I can now look at a painting and understand the meaning and techniques. During the Renaissance period artist painted their paintings to tell stories as the majority of the population couldnít read. Because no one could read the bible, they used the paintings to tell the stories. There are a ton of Annunciation paintings. For those who donít know, the annunciation is when the angel comes down from the heavens to tell Mary that she will carry Godís son. At the museum they also had about a dozen statues that Michelangelo started but never finished! They are really neat because itís kind of like seeing a work in progress! Tonight John and Joe (the English boys) are coming to Florence, so my friend Michele and I are going to cook them a nice Italian dinner to repay them for all theyíve done for us. Iím really excited to be able to show my gratitude for all the amazing things theyíve showed us! Make sure to check out the new pictures Iíve posted! A presto!