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Andrea & KTQ’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

Location: london, England

Mapwhat happens when you have tea with a british rock star...

we'll, if you're either andrea or ktq (the latter of whom gets excessively nervous around quasi-rock stars) you stand around completely unaware that you're in the presence of 70's british prog rock royalty.

and truly, i don't think this chance encounter could have occured in a more unlikely place. we had decided to make a jaunt out to devon in the english countryside to visit some webber 'relations' on the family sheep farm in a small little village called romansleigh.
the most quiant and cozy place, it almost feels like you are going back in time.
brian and jenny run the farm and are perhaps the most kind and warm people we have yet to encounter in our travels - constantly offering a warm 'cuppa' and filling us with home cooking like we were going off to...well africa.
after 24 hours of eating, hanging out with some cows, discussing whether uncle jack was andrea's great grandfather or great great grandfather (no consesus was ever really arrived upon), and eating some more, we rolled ourselves to back to london.

now we're sure you're all wondering just who this prog-rock legend might be.
so were we. which is why upon arriving back in london we promptly googled this 'steve howe' character.
we can't properly do his spinal tap-esque rock persona justice so we'll let you check it out yourself:
lets just say we were in the prescence of a beautiful thing.

the rest of our time in london has been great with carolynn touring us around visiting many a museum, market and cafe.

flying to cairo bright and early tomorrow morning...and the adventures continue.

peace and love.
a & ktq