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Andrea & KTQ’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Feb 2007

Location: nairobi, Kenya

Mapspledour in the grass.

so we have arrived in nairobi safe and sound. getting here was a bit of a whirlwind and so we're so excited about the prospects of settling down in e-wuas and getting started on some of the projects. apparently, it's lush and lovely in the lowlands right now. and a great time to live in a pastoral community. because of the long rains kenya has experienced in the past couple months things are good and everyone is thriving.

we promise to write a wonderfully-long winded entry (unfortunately with us it's either short and sweet or long and wordy!) when we get the chance.

for now, jambo jambo friends!!!!
we hope you are all doing well wherever you are.

peace and love.
andrea & ktq