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Andrea & KTQ’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Jun 2007

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Maphi friendly followers.

i have asked andrea's permission to seize control of this site.
but only temporarily. no need to worry. you will only be exposed to my exclusive verbal dribble for nine weeks.

yep, nine weeks. that's how long it's going to take myself and fourteen other volunteers to bike across nova scotia and new brunswick and expose a whole lot of young people to local/lowkey environmental activism and the beauty of adopting sustainable consumption practices in our every day lives. i'm doing this work with a small canadian ngo called the otesha project. ( it's a wonderful organization - extremely well run and fuelled by hope!!! i encourage you guys to check it out if you have the chance. and for all the teachers out there, there are some great curriculum adaptations in the downloads section.

anythehoo, i've posted a copy of our route below if anyone's interested and plan on posting more entries and lots of pics in the coming days.

stick around kidz. it's going to be one happy happy ride!!!!

Nova Scotia
July 1-8: Halifax
July 9-10: Hubbards
July 10-11: Graves Island Provincial Park (Chester)
July 11: Mahone Bay
July 12-15: Bridgewater
July 15: Lunenburg
July 16: Rissers Beach PP (Petite-Rivière/Green Bay)
July 17-18: Thomas H Randall PP (Port líHerbert/Port Joli)
July 18-22: Shelbourne
July 23: Argyle
July 24-25: Yarmouth
July 26-27: Pointe de L'Eglise
July 28: Digby

New Brunswick
July 29-Aug 1: Saint John
Aug 2: Sussex
Aug 3-4: Bay of Fundy Park
Aug 5: Hopewell Cape
Aug 6: Riverview
Aug 7: Brich Ridge
Aug 8-11: Harcourt ECOTOPIA Youth Gathering!
Aug 12-13: Richibucto
Aug 14-15: Miramichi
Aug 16-17: Doaktown
Aug 18: Nashwaak Bridge
Aug 19-21: Fredericton
Aug 22: Oromocto
Aug 23: Cole Island
Aug 24-25: Petitcodiac
Aug 26: Riverview
Aug 27-30: Parlee PP (Pointe-du-Chêne, Shediac)
Aug 31: Moncton