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Michael’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Nov 2007

Location: Sorrento, Italy

MapWe have arrived in Italy and for once we have found a good patch of weather with temperatures in the 20's which is very pleasant.

We decided to skip Rome on this trip as we did not enjoy being ripped off last time, but they stil got at us! the hole in the wall at the airport refused our cards so we had no money so we changed some pounds into euros, the rate allowing for cash should be 1.25 but we got 1.00, the excahnge rate was 12 points worse than the published rate and then there was 15% comission and taxes.

We still only had minimal funds so an attempt to buy our tickets to Naples with credit cards failed but we managed to get some money out of the hole in the wall. The next thing was to try and buy some tickets, this nice man came an operated the machine for us and took the change as commission! but we had our tickets.

Arrived in Sorrento in the dark with no idea where the hotel was located, a very short and extremely expensive taxi ride later we were home for the week.

Though we were totally pissed of at this stage we were not surprised at the events but since then everyone has been very helpful and there has been no hint of any other under hand deals.

Using Sorrento as our base we have visited Vesuvious, Ercolanum, Pompeii, Capri and Naples. We have plenty of photos but this internet cafe has no usb ports and the computere is so slow it would take about thre days to upload them, so next time.

This the last week of the season so it has ben interesting organising ourselves as there is no guarantee any service is going to run and the time to leave is variable. We suspect that tomorow night there will be nowhere to eat! The food has been good, in fact we will both being on strict diets when this is all over!

Tomorrow we are to use the local bus to tour the Amalfi Peninsular, the last people to try were left for two hours on the other side!

Our reflections so far are simple, Ercolanum and Pompei were fantastic and today we saw some of the artifacts stored in the museum in Naples and they really sealed of the experience. Capri was nice but totally tourist orientated but apparently it has fantastic weather all year. The shops, like Versace were shuting down for the winter it is bizarre. Naples is a dump, the city officals ask that people visit it as it deserves more credit, well they are wrong, it was like being back in South America again, rubbish everywhere and old unkemp buildings.

Of to Florence on Tuesday.