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Our Trip to India’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Dec 2006

Location: Gujrat, India

MapWe arrived in Mumbai at 1:30 am half asleep. We were met at the airport by Kala's aunt. We then proceeded to Gujrat where we were going to stay for a few days.

The journey took five hours. The traffic was busy even in the late hours. The roads were a mixture of pot holed wrecks and modern toll roads.

As we hit the boarders of Gujrat we could see the poverty in the rural areas. The roads became increasingly hazardous and a nightmare to drive on. No one obeys any traffics laws.

Then there was the final dirt track road that led to the village where Kala's aunt lived. To our shock the houses were a mixture of state of art mansions with all mod cons and smaller older houses.

We were fortunate enough to be staying in a very stylish bungalow.

Then it was a quick shower and change and then visting relatives in different villages all day. Absolutely worn out!!!!!