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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Dec 2006

Location: Tisbury, England

MapToday our holiday officially started! We slept in a little then got up and went for a run. Well Damian ran and I jogged and eventually walked due to a lack of exercise and a major head cold! The weather as you would expect was gray and drizzling and Tisbury is a quintessential English village -thatched houses, small narrow roads, people wearing tweed and lots of nature!
We caught the train into Salisbury which is the closest major town to do a bit of Christmas shopping (as up until now we had not even thought about Christmas!). We then meet up with Anita after she finished work to go to the movies and see Happy Feet with some of her work colleagues. It is a great movie - very funny and because James did not get to see it we made sure we re-enacted all the dance moves!