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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Jan 2007

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

MapOkay we have time for a quick update but will add photos later when we have more time and a more trustworthy internet connection.
We arrive safetly and our flights were fine, the first day of our tour we drove from Nairobi in Kenya to Tanzania and it took us hours due to a traffice jam - african style! We arrived late at night, set up our tents and had dinner in the dark. The next day we switched from our huge 4 wheel drive truck to a landrover and drove to the serengeti plain where we saw so many animals - it was amazing. We camped in the middle of the national park - no water, showers or anything and were not allowed to get up during the night as the animals wander thru! I had to get up about 5am and woke Damian up to come with me as we could here hyenas close by! All was good but that day Damian and I both had upset stomachs - nothing a few pills could not fix. We were up early for a game drive and by lunch time we had seen the "big five" which some people wait a whole tour for! Drove to another camp on the edge of the ngorongoro crater and had animals sniffing around our tents - I slept straight thru! More game driving - the best so far - THE most amazing place in the world is ngorongoro crater. We saw elephants really close up and zebra, wilderbeast, buffalo, hyenas, rhinos, warthogs. We are on our way back to kenya today then up into the Massai Mara region in the next few days. Damian and I are both loving every minute of our tour and are a bit sunburnt but happy. We have a small group with 7 people and 3 staff - the tuck only has 2 Phil Collins tapes so we are going a bit mad with that but will buy some new ones for our guide soon! Will update next time we can.