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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

MapOur last day of our tour was crazy! Once again (much to our frustration) we do not have much time to update so it iw will be brief. We were due to drive back from the Maasi Mara to Nairobi which takes 8-9 hours however it rained heavily on our last night so we knew the "roads" would be bad. There was our tour truck and 1 other and we set off together and stopped not far from the campsite as the other truck - Gecko was stuck already! We got helped them out and then got thru ourselves only for us to find the road washed out further on. While trying to find an alternative route both trucks got stuck badly twice and we were stranded for about 3 hours on the side of the road in the hot sun in the middle of nowhere! Eventually 2 tractors pulled us both free and we were on our way again. I was happily dozing in the truck when I woke up to our truck sliding! We ended up sideways on the road in an "Austin Powers" style. This time we were really stuck and the other truck left us! To cut a long story short after waiting quite a long while and doing nothing but play with the local children on the side of the road a truck pulled us free. Now you are not going to believe this but we carried on and got passed the "bad roads" and we were just begining to relax when I truck suddenly ran off the road and crashed! The steering shaft had broken - luckily no on was hurt but we had to leave our driver and cook behind while we jumped in a passing local minivan with our guide (much to the locals amusement) to get to the nearest town. To cut a long story short we made it back to Nairobi after 16hours on the road @ 9pm! Photos to follow.