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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007

Location: Aswan, Egypt

MapYou are spot on mum/chris - we have so much to update but on these tours we get little free time so can not keep this page completed as much as we would like.
Again thanks for your messages - they are very funny and we love hearing from everyone.
Yes - we are now in Egypt and have another small tour group but with a kiwi couple, australian brother & sister, mexican and english lady. On this tour I think we will get more free time so expect photos soon.
Damian and I were very tired after our flight from Kenya to Egypt due to the long stopover in Dubai however seeing & talking to Michael Campbell @5.30am made Damian very happy!
Our first day in Cairo we saw the pyramids and the sphinx!!!!!! We then caught an overnight train to Aswan which took longer than usual so we were on it for 18hours during which time none of us girls went to the toilets as they were soooo bad!! We are now in Aswan and about to go sailing down the nile on a felucca for 2 nights - looking forward to some rest!
We promise to update asap!