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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Jan 2007

Location: Luxor, Egypt

MapToday we left the felucca and visited Kom Ombo Temple. We then drove up to Luxor and stopped at Edfu to see another temple - very impressive. In Luxor we had lunch at Pizza Hut then spent the afternoon having a look around town. Damian started to feel ill and was quite sick and had to go to bed. I left him sleeping and went with the rest of the group to a evening visit to Luxor Temple which (unfortunately for Damian) i thought was the best so far! We went to the luxor markets and despite the intense hassling from the shop guys I managed to buy a nice kaftan from a nubian guy @ a good price. Did I mention egypt is ridiculously cheap! Then back to the hotel where Damian was still suffering from eating to much pizza (I had vegetarian pizza by the way and hence I was not sick!).