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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

Location: Luxor, Egypt

MapToday we had the BEST day ever! Damian was tired but had recovered enough to come today. We were up very early to catch a ferry across the nile where our ride to the Valley of the Kings waited - Donkeys! I have never had sooo much fun or laughed soo much than that first hour when we all got on and rode our donkeys! They don't respond to anything you do or say and they are tiny! It was so early that hardly anyone was about but we were all screaming and laughing and the guards at the entrance to the tombs were laughing as we all raced to see who would get their first. The other tourists on the buses were all taking photo's of us! The tombs were amazing but then our guide lead us up over the really steep hills above the valley where we had an amazing view and we were all alone. We then hiked over the hills and down the other side to another temple but it was such an awesome way to approach this site and we were still early so we ahead of a lot of the other tourists who we coming around by bus. Our donkeys we waiting for us and we headed back - again with much yelling and laughing! Tonight it was back on the overnight train to Cairo.