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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Feb 2007

Location: Dahab, Egypt

MapWoke up this morning and back into town for breakfast. On the way Damian advised me that he had in fact won the pool competition and therefore had a bar tab of 100 egyptian pounds!! Today Damian had many friends and I think had impressed some locals! Another relaxing day today until the afternoon when we went for a camel ride to a lagoon til sunset then rode back again. The weather was still sunny and the wind had died down a bit however the evenings could get very cold. The camel ride was fun but not as good as the donkeys! The boys were quite uncomfortable as they complained their crown jewels kept getting squashed with the rocking motion of the camel. We were lead by local guides but the boys were quite keen to take the reins themselves. On the way back they had the chance to speed up with our poor guides running behind yelling "stop, slow down"! We then came to a sculpture in the middle of a dust road, a bit like a roundabout and even though our guides were saying "left left" the boys thought it would be funny to lead the camels around the roundabout which meant all the camels just followed and one poor guide had to walk around as he had a hold of Jess camel. We all found it very amusing much to the confusion of our guides!