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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Feb 2007

Location: Dahab, Egypt

MapOur last full day in Dahab and we decided to have a separate girls and boys day. We have been very lucky on our tours and had great people on them. This trip has been great because we are all in our twenties and being aussies and kiwis have similar sense of humour which has resulted in some very funny times. After breakfast - by the way did I mention that we were getting so much food free at different restaurants! Free starters and desserts and this is on top of the food being very cheap - up to only 4 british pounds for a meal for 2 of us!! So after breakfast we did a bit of shopping then the boys went off 4 wheel motorbike riding in the desert while Emma and I went back to the hotel to sunbathe and then had back massages. The wind had stopped today so it was very hot however for some bizarre reason the hotel pool was baltic and you could only stay in for a couple of seconds at a time before it got so cold it hurt!
We had dinner tonight at a restaurant called Al Capones (which actually had been one of the places blown up when the 3 bombs went off in Dahab last year! You can still see the damage they did to the concrete path - very spooky.) The restaurant tout at this place was very good (Osama) and we had become friendly with him over the week. Tonight because we had been drinking we tried to sneak up on him but he saw us coming (not hard we were very loud) and thought it was all very funny. We had a great meal and also had our photo taken with Osama (poor guy) before heading off for some very funny games of pool and ping pong.