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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Feb 2007

Location: Dahab, Egypt

MapToday no one wanted to leave, we had breakfast at Al Capones again and Osama had arranged takeway huommus and bread for us for the long drive back to Cairo. I must explain that the restaurants in Dahab are very casual with dirt floors, lots of pillows and a mixture of colourful shelter and lanterns. There are cats everywhere and also flies but it is very cool, you learn to work around them! Back to the hotel to pack and then we had just a small minivan for the 7+ hour journey. We all tried to sleep but it was quite uncomfortable and the weather had changed dramatically and was bucketing down and was really cold! There is bascially nothing but desert between Dahab and Cairo so bordem set in. We got back to the hotel about 8pm, had a very good dinner (we had stayed at the same hotel in Cairo 3 times now so we knew the food was good and we also knew the staff). Our other tour guide Mags came in to say hi which was really cool and we all thought he was just amazing. He had managed to get a wicked traditional drum for Jess within her budget which she had been searching for the whole time in Egypt!