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Carmel & Damian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Feb 2007

Location: Cairo, Egypt

MapAfter a great sleepin and a very funny prank wakeup call by young Benjamin, we met the others in the reception and said goodbye. They all had the same flight back to the UK while Damian and I leave for Dubai later tonight. So we are now sitting in an internet cafe which has the fastest internet speed ever and we are not allowed to upload any photos - arghhh!!! We have just had McDonalds (sorry but we are tired of being careful with food and there is no way there is anything left living in a McD's burger that will harm us!) Also it is the first time that going to McDonald;s has involved life & death! We had to cross a main road to get there and the roads and drivers in Egypt are crazy! There is no such thing as lanes and no one stops for you to cross so it is really just a game of dodgeball - maddness! So we are just filling in time before our transfer to the airport and a short flight to Dubai where we are on our own, free to do as we please for as long as we want.

On another note can I just point out that in some of the photos I am looking quite plump but I can assure you it is my money belt around my waist!! Also I was an idiot to think that we would lose weight in Africa as we have eaten so much it is silly and I must have put on weight. In between the odd dodgey food and being ill the rest of our meals have been really good!