Craig’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007

Location: Madurai, India

MapHi all!

Been very busy since my last entry. Met up with my group on Friday who are all really nice. A mix of ages and nationalities a couple of people from the UK, Oz, New Zealand, Canada, US and Switzerland. The first day we went and visited a near by Island which was pretty nice, lots of old Dutch and Portagese influence on the arcitecture. Sunday we went on a backwaters cruise in Kelera which was beautiful and we spent the night in a Inidian familes home who cooked us a traditional dinner which was really good (curry of course)! The only thing was, when I woke up in the morning a huge spider climbed out with me which was lovely - did get a picture which I'll upload later but it was huge! We also went rowing in the river where I was told once in the water that water snakes are common - well if any of you remember the Ibiza lilo incident you can imagine my reaction!

We went up to the mountains on Monday for 2 days which was good as it was a little cooler and we stayed in a really nice hotel. We had a 6 hour journay to get there which consisted of a mix between boats and taxis which wound round the mountains with spectacular views. Yesterday morning we went on a safari trek which was an early start (6am) so that we could hopefully catch a glimpse of wild elephants and tigers, unfortunatly all we saw was a few dears, lots of cheaky monkeys and lots of elephant droppings! We all went to vist a local orphanidge later that day which was incredably eye opening. These kids have absolutly nothing, even sleeping on the floor but amazingly they are really happy children and absolutly beautiful. The guys in our group played cricket with the boys while the girls got a bizare application of makeup but it looked like the kids enjoyed us being there. The experience has made me look forward to the volenteer work I'm doing in a few weeks too now.

We have come to a city called Madurai today which is in the middle of south India. Where going to vist the Sri Meenakshi temple which is one of the biggest in India which is so big that it takes 3 hours just to get round the place. Off to the east coast tommorow where the beaches are meant to be amazing.

Hope evreyones having fun back home and I'll update again soon. xxx