Craig’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Jan 2007

Location: Goa, India

MapHi everyone!

Well I've been in Goa for the past week. I started in the North with Marcel (Swiss guy) which is erm.....different! Itís basically a place for anyone who comes to India and can't face going home so they have established a hippy colony there. The beaches are really nice but busy and thereís not a lot of sight seeing in the North so we hired a scooter each and traveled around just about everywhere in North Goa in a few days. To be honest just lots of beaches but we did go to the Anjuna market where everything is dirt-cheap, unfortunately anything I buy has to come with me so I resisted the tat! At night is when it gets interesting, we went to a couple of clubs which play hard 90's trance which was good to hear as all I've been able to listen to recently is bollywood tunes! Everyone is off their heads on acid and have an amazing dancing style, kind of like their looking for something they'll never find, very amusing to see!

On Friday Marcel left for Mumbai before going back home to Switzerland so I've been traveling on my own since then. I made my way down to the capital of Goa, Panaji on Friday and saw the city which was good to be in. It has a very European atmosphere, mainly because it used to be under Portuguese rule and Christianity is the main religion in Goa so lots of Catholic churches to be seen. Also went on a night cruise forgetting that it was a Friday and an Indian holiday for Gandhi. This meant I was on a liner with about 1000 Indians getting hammered. There was a dance floor on the top deck at one end, as soon as some 90's british cheese pop came on everyone dashed to the dance floor to.....well just bash into each other, again one of many things that amuse me about Indians. Countless things happen everyday that make me laugh about Indian and how people act, I literally can't walk to the end of a street without someone asking my name, income and marital status where they'll start telling me about their family. This is all very nice at first but when you need to get somewhere its like a marathon!

Today I came to the South of Goa which is a little more chilled out. I have got a beach hut on Goa's most prestigious beach, Palolem which is postcard picture perfect. My hut is actually decent, much better than some of the places I've had to stay. The plan is to relax for a few days and plan my route towards Delhi.

Hope everyone is ok back home and more pictures to follow! Stay in touch, Craig xxx