Craig’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Feb 2007

Location: Amarpukashi, India

MapATTENTION ATTENTION - I have found out there is a Toni & Guy salon in Bangkok, I am going to be admitted on arrival in April and stylists say I should make a full recovery so no more gags about the hair!!! Ha ha ha!

Back to India anyway! I'm still in the village now in week 2 but have been out of action for the last few days as after 7 weeks the dreaded Delhi belly got the better of me! Got it pretty bad on the Tuesday night and was still out on Thursday so I went to the doctor who gave me some pills and a day or 2 later I'm pretty much back to normal. Luckily the doctor here is really good but everything take ages to get done so I now know how people feel who I've worked with in the past! I've had to get some smart clothes made for me whilst I'm at 'the project' so it was either the Indian pajamas or smart shirt, pants and tank top combo which I opted for but I think I'm going to get a pair of the pajamas for comical value. The way it works with clothes is you go to the material shop, take your chosen material to the tailors and get measured up and hey presto.....a day later and a few quid and you've got yourself probably the best quality outfit you'll ever buy! I'll be honest, I look like I've taken a wrong turn of the golf course when I'm kitted up but everyone's the same.

The food has been just about ok but its same thing everyday and really bland so some of us have found a restaurant in the nearest town which we sneak off to now and again but the grub there is nothing special. I was still doing the yoga and hindi up to a few days ago and plan to get back into it again. As for constructive work for the village, me another guy and two girls decided go into the local primary school to take small groups of english classes. We observed our first class which was pretty bad, literally the teacher would read a short story word-by-word with the kids (half of which looked like they had no idea what language the teacher was talking) repeated the exact word without understanding what it meant, nothing was going in. We have since been using and developing simple lesson plans which involve a lot of interaction with the kids so watch this space to see if we can get any success!

It's a funny old place here as are the people. As I've now spend a bit of time in India I thought that nothing could really surprise me but there's things about this place that have shocked me, its like Coronation Street meets Big brother at times! At one point we were all convinced we were part of an Indian Big brother by some of the things going on! At least all us PV's (project volunteers) are in the same boat and have a laugh about it between ourselves - just lots of stories to take home!

Hope alls well back home and anyone else who I've met on my travels reading this! Take care x