Craig’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapG’day mate!

Well I’ve got myself a job but wasn’t quite what I expected. I was having no luck in the bar jobs market for some reason also the money is pretty bad in the hospitality industry as its all dodgy under the table earnings and full time hours are scarce…..ok ok I’m just trying to justify why I’ve taken a job in accountancy! It all happened so fast, first of all I thought I’d spruce up my CV, maybe send it to an agency or two, next thing I know I’m in an interview the next day and bobs your uncle I started working the next day. Honestly though I’m really glad I got it because the money gets supped up here and I was beginning to get desperate but with this 3 month contract I can certainly breathe a sigh of relief! The job itself is working for a company who specialise in re-branding company’s and supply all the work from consulting to revamp works. My job is to investigate subcontractors who are charging too much in the hope that I’ll find all the missing cash, a lot of contract law is involved..…which is far more interesting than it sounds! The team that I work with are all pretty young and social which is good, even the Financial Director is cool.

The week itself hasn’t been to eventful as mostly job searching but did do a couple of touristy things. Last weekend I went to the footy (AFL) with Ash, his housemates, Maz (sottish lass) and 2 Irish lads that Ash met backpacking. The game started at 2 and so did the drinking…its no fairy tale about Irish drinkers either, these boys were professionals. The game was pretty close with the Chelsea of AFL, Geelong winning their 11th straight game. The MCG stadium was near full with 85,000 fans and a few Irish! Ironically enough we ended up spending the rest of the day and night in an Irish pub much to the delight of our lepricorn friends!

It’s currently the Asian cup (real football) which is being played all over South East Asia at the moment. Australia had a miserable start and after losing to Iraq looked like they were on their way out. But a much stronger performance hammering the Thai’s 4 – 0 led them into the quarter finals. Went into the city yesterday to watch them face Japan and they gave a truly English performance, scoring first but with Japan equalising and subsequently winning on penalties. Can’t say I was as passionate as when I watch England but would have been good to see them in the final.

Went out during the week and had my first ‘Parma’ experience which is basically like a chicken schnitzel with what ever topping you want. This dish is huge over here and there’s a lot of competition and as we were at one of the best, ‘Mrs Parma’s’ it was a pretty good Parma I have to say. This night was a bit of a leaving do for Ash as he’s carrying on his travels in a week to South Africa and South America after being in Oz for a year. Got to say I’m a bit sad about his departure as it’s been good having a familiar face around and someone to talk to about ‘real football’. I’m guessing we’ll be spending a good week now sending him off with his Carlton ‘half pint’ pots!

Other than that I’ve been getting well and truly lost in the city. Everyone keeps saying how easy it is to navigate as its just a big grid…..well anyone that has witnessed my shocking sense of direction can vouch for my many hours spent wandering aimlessly! Well, now I have a place, a job, gym membership, all that I need now is for the weather to warm up which is looking promising for the coming weeks!

Hope everyone is having a fun summer back home and you’ve now been able to pack the dinghy’s away!

Take care