Craig’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Aug 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapHello all!

Here it isÖÖthe long awaited episode of Craig and the attack of the killer calculators! Ok, work isnít quite that exciting but Iíve been enjoying it. Iíve been working for 2 weeks now and feel like I never left the working world but I am strangely enjoying it. The actual work itself is pretty interesting and Iím learning a few new things which is always handy for the future, the office is mainly young designers and project mangers who like a beer and the area where I work is not only half an hour walk from my place but also arguable the best street in Melbourne for culinary delights. Every lunch time we have the choice of eating a dish from any country in the world and so far it has been amazing foodÖ..well it beats a 3 quid meal deal from boots any day! The office atmosphere is really relaxed, often an hour or so feast for lunch and Friday afternoon a pack of beer is brought in and I attempt to look busy while slurring my words! Iím also kept entertained by my colleagues saying words and phrases that Iíve only ever seen on neighbours so it does get a little surreal for me. But one thing I have noticed is how friendly everyone is not only in the office but on the phone, a complete stranger seems interested if your ok or how your days going Ė bizarre I know!

Apart from work Iíve been going out a lot with my house mates who have been introducing me into new music scenes Iíd never thought Iíd experience. Most surprising is a bar/club called Cherry which plays Northern soul and motown which is actually really coolÖÖso I now have a new appreciation for my mums music Ė scary ehy?! Not only do people dress as Iím sure my parents would have back in the day, they cut up the dance floor with a 70ís twist so it really is like walking back in time! Is clubbing with your mother the next cool thing Ė vote here! Ash left for New Zealand on Tuesday so we had a Monday night leaving doÖdangerous! We went to the huge Melbourne Casio, biggest Casio in the Southern hemisphere where I preceded to lose my money playing black jack and Ash increased his travelling fund! The night ended with yaga bombs in a karaoke bar. Ash, Maz and I decided to sing an Artic Monkeys number but with a long wait I told the DJ that Ash was in fact one of the Artic Monkeys and with that, seconds later in came our introductionÖ..I think we got away with the first 0.1 second and for the rest of ďyou look good on the dance floorĒ everyone saw us for the choir boys we certainly werenít!

Itís gig fever in Melbourne at the moment with lots of UK artists touring. On Friday Mark (housemate) and I went to watch the editors who were awesome. Iíd only ever heard a few of their songs in the past but in a small venue holding only a few hundred it went off! Tomorrow Iím going to see the Kaiser Chiefs and Tuesday Iím seeing Artic Monkeys which Iím really looking forward too. Itís great to see them at smaller venues, something I really wouldnít get chance to do back home.

I have also had the opportunity trying my hand at playing a bit of Australian Football last weekend and for a sport that looks so simple and easy to play, even kicking the ball was a challenge!

So far Iím really enjoying life in Melbourne, good job, social life is good and even the weather is starting to warm up. Itís also helped by being in a house with a good group of peopleÖÖIím currently trying to add a new member in the form of a duck! Yes that may seem strange but it is a common pet as a kid in Australia and can be bought for £1 at the market Ė me and Sophie want one but we now need to convince the other two so watch this space!

Well thatís me for now, Iím now off for a Sunday night beer before another glorious week in Melbourne!

Take care all!