Craig’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Aug 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapHi Everyone!

Well you've probably noticed that my updates have been cut down to every 2 weeks probably because the everyday events of the office aren't quite as action packed as traveling through India on a camel! Having said that I've still been up to a bit.

Last Monday and Tuesday were the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys gigs which were both top class. The venue was pretty small, maybe a thousand packed into the pit which gave it a great atmosphere. Think I preferred the Arctic Monkeys gig only because it seems to be a particular favourite of mine on the old Karaoke! The Tuesday night ended at a particularly strange club called Euro trash with pure randomness and a 4am finish with work the next day.....lovely!

At the weekend I went out with my housemate Mark and his mates and it ended up Me, Mark and Sophie in a strange club till about 7 and a tuna sandwich at the 7/11 on the way home - sign of a good night I'm sure! The multi culture of this city still amazes me, just meeting some of Marks mates who are from all over Eastern Europe and Asia, its actually rare to talk to someone who doesn't have a background from somewhere in Europe.....its certainly a big appeal of living in a city like this.

Again worryingly I've been quite enjoying work, the works ok and people make the working week seem to whizz by and then its the weekend again. It'll be interesting to work somewhere else because I'm not sure if its just a relaxed company or that generally the Australian work force are far more chilled out about one seems to particularly moan about work which is pretty rare. I'm still amused by some of the Australian vocabulary used at work, my favourites being:

1. Too easy
2. Heeps
3. Crikey
4. The shits (to describe any bad situation)
5. No dramas

Also any word or name gets shortened with an 'a' or an 'o' on the end so everything sounds similar.....trying not to pick up any bad habits but I have noticed myself calling football soccer which is a sin in my book! Speaking of the football its become difficult to catch games due to the midnight KO, especially Blackburn tonight which I'm going to find a pub showing the game but it'll make Monday nasty. Great start for the blues though so hope they can keep it up......Santa Cruz looks like he'll be useful this 6 finish here we come unless the UEFA curse catches us out again!

Been getting into the gym once again and taken up boxing in an attempt to revive my Uni days but unfortunately my coordination seems to have deteriorated with age and I'm pretty shocking. One of the guys I work with is 3rd fastest breaststroker in Australia and going for the olympic trails in Beijing....he took me through a training session and pretty much destroyed me so I guess the only way is up from here!

We also have 2 new additions to 803 Park Street in the form of a duck and a chicken.....a little controversial as me and Soph wanted them, Mark didn't and our other housemate is is Scotland at the moment so she'll have a surprise on her return. There only a week or so old and tiny furry things that make far too much noise for their size. We've decided to name the chicken Ringo as Mark is a huge beetles fan and we couldn't agree on the ducks name so we picked a card out from the 'guess who' game and now he's called Bernard which he loves. Really funny to watch as they follow us around the house everywhere and hate being left alone but as soon as they've grown a bit they'll be able to be put in the back yard and will be responsible for house security.....although Mark is talking about having duck for Christmas!

The weather has started to warm up this weekend too and I can see Melbourne coming out of hibernation. September sees the start of the music festivals and the Melbourne cup (horse racing) which is so big in Victoria its a national holiday. I get the feeling from here until Christmas is going to fly by!

Well its another happy days from Melbourne, hope your all ok back home and your getting a few more warm days before summer ends and for you guys going to Ibiza have a good one and make sure your in bed before midnight and if anyone can break my brothers 3 day record last year I'll be very impressed!

Take care