Craig’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapWell I know its been a poor few weeks for updates but here comes my long awaited entry…..I’m sure you’ll agree!

Start by being a little boring and in an attempt to make you all jealous, I’ll talk about the weather….it turned spring here a couple of weeks ago and the weather seemed to follow the season exactly, ever since its been anything between 20 and 25 degrees with bright blue skies – my mentality towards good weather is very British, the first weekend the sun came out I wanted to get out and about and make the most of it but, as everyone keeps telling me….there’s only another 8 months of this weather left and its only going to get better!

Works still pretty good but I have to say the initial shine has been taken off now I’m in the routine…all the same started to make some really good mates at work and going out together quite a bit. It makes me realise how different it is back home when you have your friends networks around, perhaps I didn’t make the effort I could have done because it’s too easy to just go out with my friends from years back, but here I feel I have to make the effort being in a new country and all, wanting to make the most of my time here……really pays off so possibly a lesson learnt for the future. As I said in my last entry, Aussies love to shorten names……initial they struggled with mine but I am now known as either Craigo, Craigy or my personal favourite Craigster – you’ve got to love it! The social scene in Melbourne is getting better, just about to hit all the festivals and events. I’m off to a festival called Park Life this weekend which should be up my street, plenty of Aussie house DJ’s and seen as I’ve been starved of house music for the last 9 months really looking forward to it!

I’ve been playing 5-a-side ‘soccer’ the last 6 weeks and we made it to the dizzy heights of the final last week but lost to a team of Eastern European professionals….it was pretty close only 6-2! We have 6 players, 3 Scottish and 3 English so I can’t really point the blame at one nation in particular. The Jocks I know went nuts last week when they beat France so I joined a team of 15 die hard Scotland fans on the lash…they only invited me because myself and the Scottish keeper, Craig Gordon are virtually twins! It’s the ‘football’ (Australian style) finals next weekend which is a huge day here, generally involving lots of people and alcohol so will be a good one! Melbourne’s equivalent to the premiership, the A-League has just started up so I’m getting a season ticket for them with a few fellas from work, not the best standard of footy I’ve been told but 60 quid for a season ticket I can’t grumble! I went to the Australia vs Argentina football game last week, was a cracking game even though it was a friendly and Australia lost…was great to watch a game of footy again, especially with 100,000 people going nuts!

You’ll all be glad to know the duck and chicken are doing well and are pretty much fully grown having made it through hard times of nearly been kicked out and illness, but both pretty huge and costing loads in food…..still it’ll be worth it by Christmas ;)

Other than this I don’t think I can class myself as a ‘traveller’ at the moment as I’ve barely been out of Melbourne so far…..Sophie took me to my first Australian beach called St Kilda last weekend which was cool, nice to see something new. I guess my lack of exploration is because I feel more like I’m living here than travelling in the hope to save a bit of cash although that’s proving harder than I imagined! I’ve pretty much decided I’ll be staying here for longer than I initially planned and will be heading back home in time for next summer instead of Christmas – well no one can blame me for wanting to miss a British winter! My mum and mark are coming out to visit in a couple of weeks via Dubai and Sydney so I’m planning how to entertain for the 4 days they are here…..most probably revolve around vineyards and golf courses I imagine so I’ll be doing my research! Really looking forward to seeing them as it’ll be 9 months since the emotional airport au revoir!

Well sneakily finishing this off at work so I better get back to the grind stone…….hope your all well! X