Craig’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Dec 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapOk I have no excuse for leaving this blog so long…a mix of being really busy and ever so slightly lazy…not at all like me egh!

Now summer has kicked in Melbourne there is so much to do and see which means every weekend has been packed and usually involves doing something in the sun. I’m still living at the same spot with the same people and am still working at the same place…what can I say they don’t want to let me go! Work is good at the moment, lots to do but its pretty enjoyable being at work so alls good…unfortunately my visa dictates I can only stay at one place for 6 months max and believe it or not it’ll be 6 months I’ve been at this company in January…the time has flown by! Unless I can work out a loop hole I’ll be forced into working for someone else so we’ll see how that pans out!

Sophie and I went to a place called the Grampians last month for a long weekend. It reminded me a lot of the Lake District…but hot! We drove out into the middle of nowhere and set up a tent next to a waterfall and spent a couple of days out of civilisation…was really cool and got to see a few of Australians huge lizards…one that has a tail the same as it’s head to confuse predators which has to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen!

The weekends are great here, I’ve been doing the Australian weekend of beaches and BBQ’s. There’s so many amazing beaches around Victoria and now the weather is pretty much 30 all the time with blue skies it’s the best way to spend the weekend. A couple of weekends back I went knee-boarding on a lake out in the country…knee-boarding is basically like water-skiing but on your knees instead so it’s a bit easier…having said that I spent most of my time under the water!

The festival season is here and I’ve been to a couple more over the last month. I went to one called Stereosonic last weekend which was amazing, got to see Armand Van Helden, Fedde Le Grand and Booka Shade – who needs Ibiza egh??!

The elections have just been and gone here which as expected is a huge deal. I now have a basis of Australian politics whether I like it or not! Labour’s Kevin Rudd got in over the Liberal’s John Howard who’s been in power for nearly 12 years so it’s a pretty big change for the country…a very popular change though. I went to an election party which was…well strange, politics and parties have never really gone together in my mind!

I’m aware Christmas is only a few weeks away but it really doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. Tarting up houses and festive decorations seem to be pretty much no existent at the moment and with the weather hitting 35 on Sunday, I feel along way from the usual feelings of Christmas. But having said that this is what Christmas is in Australia and it’ll be cool to experience a completely different kind of Christmas. I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of invitations for Christmas day….the Ozzy’s are really good in that respect, real shirt off the back culture. I’ll be spending the big day with Sophie and her family…which is a big one so I hope I won’t miss being away from home too much…just hope Santa knows where to drop my presents this year!!! New year is already planned, I’m going to a 3 day festival on the South coast with my housemates and some others friends…great line up with Kings of Leon and Groove Armada so canny wait for that!

As far as plans for next year go, I have planned a 3 week trip in Western Australia with Soph. We fly to Perth in January and will spend the 3 weeks in a camper van travelling up the coast into the Northern Territory all the way to Darwin. The west coast has the nicest and quietest beaches in Australia so I can’t wait. We’ll be camping where we can to get the true Oz experience and keep it as cheap as possible…the only thing is that this will be the hottest time of year in Australia and Darwin can reach up to 50 degrees which would finish me off! Really looking forward to seeing more of Australia though. As far as Shelia’s over here go you may notice I’m spending a lot of time with my ‘housemate’ Sophie, well lets just say it started as housemates but has been a bit more involved over the last few months!!!

Hope your all straining the national grid with shocking Christmas lights back home and the usual festive treats!!! I do kind of miss the tackiness of a good old UK Christmas!

Take care all and enjoy the snow…or rain!

I promise more pictures soon!