Craig’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jun 2008

Location: Melbourne...still, Australia

MapIs anybody still listening?

Hello dedicated readers…again no excuses, I know its been a while!

So how is everyone…messages on my noticeboard please??!

All’s well and good in Melbourne – really nothing too earth shattering, have been working hard for Kodak…really enjoying it actually and learning lots of new stuff so certainly a step in the right direction! They have offered to sponsor me so I can stay for a little longer – I decided to accept and see how things go there at least for the mean time. I am coming back home for a holiday in Blackburn (never thought I’d hear myself say that) in August for a few weeks so will get to see you orrible lot! Really looking forward to seeing everyone actually as it would have been over a year and a half, which does feel like a long time!

I’ve been up to a few things other than work of course. My birthday back in March was fun, spent it out on the beers with friends round the bars of Melbourne – it was odd to have a birthday on a 40deg day appose to the usual dreary cold and wet! I went to V festival in April with housemates and the Scots which was cool.

It was Sophie’s birthday a couple of weeks ago so I took her to Sydney for the weekend. This was partly as I still hadn’t been which no one could quite believe! Sydney has to be the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, especially around the harbour and in the old parts of town. There’s a lot more history in Sydney than Melbourne as this is the place Captain Cook first landed and declared British. I read of one particular area called Two Rocks which was meant to be like a mirror copy of a sleepy English village set up by Cook – it was unbelievably English, as soon as I stepped foot into the old windy village I felt at home. We spent the Saturday night having dinner next to the harbour bridge and then to dodgy Kings Cross until a messy 5am finish…this was followed by a nice early 10am throw out of our room so we spent an hour or 2 sleeping in the botanical gardens with the Opera house a stone throw away!

Last weekend we had a May Christmas where 16 of us ex-pats rented a mansion on the coast with hot tub and all to celebrate Christmas in more festive conditions as there’s something not quite right about autumn and winter coming round without any presents or turkey! As you would expect everything went a little ‘big brother’ in the house and we had an interesting Christmas! The weather is well and truly chilled now with winter approaching fast and nights drawing in – makes it that much better to have a holiday home in the UK summer!

I’m sure there have been more eventful things going on back home – would love to hear about them – either email or message here!

Hope your all well and looking forward to the UK summer – I know I am!

See you all in August – can’t wait!