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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007

Location: London, UK

MapHi Everyone - thought I had better put at least one entry in our diary. To anyone who has already emailed us - thank you!! I am really sorry that I haven't returned anyones email, but life has been pretty hectic - job interviews, new house etc.etc.
Well we landed fine, however within 12 hours of landing in the country and after eating a dodgy kebab I was in bed for the first two days of our new life leaving Adam to do the house hunting on his own. Within two days we had a large room in a shared flat just near Finchley Rd tube station which is pretty close to the centre of London and more importantly walking distance to the American School which is where I hope to gain employment. Well we had a couple of days rest as we kept waking up at 4am and were both asleep at 9pm New Years Eve - Adam didn't even wake to hear the fireworks. We were going to venture into the city but the combination of jet lag and the really yucky weather kept us away. The next week I had interviews with a couple of teaching agencies in regards to emergency teaching. Nothing much has changed that area!! I also had a ring from the American School to say they wanted me to come in for a tour and an interview. Scary!!!
So Monday the 8th I started work - a gorgeous grade one class on the outskirts of London. I have had work everyday since. Some nice kids and some not so nice!! Some nice schools and some not so nice!!
On the Tuesday I took a day off to meet with the American School. It is like nothing I have ever seen before. Security guards at every door, the most amazing library and very very friendly staff. Straight away I knew that I would fit in there. The tour was fascinating. They have specialists for art, music, Italian, P.E. (an amazing gym), science and computers! I think my interview went well. They were really interested in hearing about thinking skills and ICT and our (your) new unit planner. Anyway they asked me in on the Friday to work in the grade that I could potentially be taking and yes be observed doing some teaching. The day went pretty well up until the end. The kids are very confident and sure of themselves. They were really good except when they got back from P.E. and I had to teach them maths for the last hour on a Friday. Let's just say I don't think the observation went that well. It was really hard to take a class that was not your own, hyped up after P.E. and really not wanting to learn about parallel lines. Their behaviour was not the best! Anyway I don't find out if I have a job for another month as they want to interview another girl from Oz who doesn't land in the country until the end of the month. Fingers crossed, but I am not holding my breath. Besides I have plenty of work to keep me busy.
Adam only had one interview and had a job. Let's just say that it is who you know!! To cut a long story short, Adam's cousin Ben lived here 5 years ago with a guy that was working for a very successful company. I don't really get it but I think that when a really big building project is about to go ahead it is this company's job to find the engineers, builders etc. Anyway this guy was one really good money so Ben suggested that Adam send him an email saying he was looking for work. Well within a week Adam had a job there. He started on Monday and I guess like anything it will take a while to get used to. He is not quite as busy as he was at home and he spends a lot of his day on the phone. But hey you can't complain about having views of St Pauls Cathedral!! He gets a pretty low basic wage but it is all based on commission and the potential to earn good money if you work hard is there.
Well at the mo we live with an English couple, a Polish guy, a French girl and a very dodgy kitchen and bathroom, but as of last night when a guy came around asking us where our landlord lives and if we knew of an eviction because he hasn't been paying the bills, we may well be on the streets by the weekend. We will keep you posted. And yes he has our 675 pound (approx. 1800 Aussie dollar) deposit that we are hoping we will get back. : (
I will post again soon with some photos!!