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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Feb 2007

Location: Windsor, UK

MapBecause we didn't get there last time we were here (pretty slack really considering it is only an hour out of London!!) we headed to just one of three of the Queen's residences in the UK. We were lucky - it was a gorgeous day. We are starting to see more of the sun now and it doesn't seem to be raining as much as it was. As mentioned Windsor in a small country town which takes about an hour to get to by train from London. Next door to the town is Eton which is quite a bizarre place because although it is a university it is really a small little town which you can walk around. Windsor Castle is an amazing place. You come around a corner in the little town and there it is on a hill looking very dominating. We were able to go inside and look at all of the exhibits as the Queen wasn't staying there this weekend. You can still go there when she is there but they close off a lot of the rooms. There is many lovely things to look at - dolls that the Queen played with when she was a child, many art treasures such as drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, royal dinner sets, grand halls where the Queen often entertains guests etc. She even has her own church on site where the Queen Mother and her husband are buried as well as Princess Margaret. Adam and I had a lovely meal in a small pub with a view of the castle and then as it started to get a little chilly and the rain set in we headed back to London.