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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007

Location: Rome, Italy

MapRome: Our first impressions of Rome were lots of graffiti, cigarettes (everyone smokes here!) and dirty. On our bus ride into town I was really disappointed because Rome just wasnít what I thought it would be like. We were dropped at the train station and then had to find our way to our hotel which was an adventure in itself. We arrived at our accommodation which turned out to be an old manís house who could not speak any English!! After sorting out how many nights we were staying for Adam had to run to the bank down the road, because even though the website said when we booked that they had card facilities they clearly did not. So I guess we didnít really get off to a good start.
We decided even though it was fairly late in the afternoon that we would go and see if we could see some sites. We headed into the old part of Rome and we started to enjoy ourselves more. Rome underneath the dirtiness and the graffiti is a beautiful place with little narrow paved alleyways and everything you walk past is thousands of years old which is sometimes a little hard to get your head around. We saw many beautiful sites in our four days there. I become quite overwhelmed when I get to see things on my travels that I remember learning about at school or did a project on. Well the Colosseum was one such place. The sheer size of it alone is amazing and then when you walk inside you can imagine the gladiators in battle. The Vatican City is also a place that you have to do there to experience. Although not Catholic you canít help but appreciate the power and richness of the church after visiting. The treasures that are kept there (and we only saw a small portion I am sure) were beyond belief. To get into the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel we had quite an early start to the morning. They open the doors at 10.30 and close them again at 12.30 in Winter time and if you miss out Ďtoughí. So you can imagine the line already when we arrived. The line actually curves around a corner so you couldnít see how far the line was ahead of you. We were in line for about a total of nearly 3 hours. But Adam was able to run and get us breakfast so he didnít get too bored. The other amazing thing about Rome is how yummy the food is and also how cheap. We ate pizza and pasta for every meal as there really is nothing else and it was all delicious! Their pizza is quite unlike Western pizza and their plain pizzas are the best. So after a rather rough start we loved our time in Rome. We still canít get over how these places of such age and beauty are really just taken for granted and not cared for, but it is a wonderful city!