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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Mar 2007

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapSalzburg – Why Salzburg you ask? Well I have always wanted to do the Sound of Music tour and the flights were 39p. Yes you read me right what a bargain. The taxes were a little more, but we just couldn’t refuse. We had such a magical time in Salzburg. It really is such a beautiful place. The city is very clean, cute and very picturesque with the Swiss Alps towering in the background. We had lovely weather with a mixture of snow and sun which was lovely. We started off the first day with the item on top of my list – The Sound of Music tour. This movie has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember and it was very surreal. We piled on a large coach with seven other people and drove around seeing the sights of the movie and other places of interest. We visited the gazebo where ‘I am 16 going on 17’ was filmed. You can go in it anymore as someone was reenacting the dance and fell and broke there ankle so it is now closed to the public due to Occupational Health and Safety. We then drove past the house that was used as the front of the Von Trapp house and stopped to take pictures of the lake and terrace that was used when the children fell out of the boat. You can’t actually visit there as it is private property. We visited the Abbey that was used at the start of the film and was the real wedding venue of Maria and Captain Von Trapp (because it is a true story) and then we drove into the mountains so the town of Mondsee where the church that Maria and the Captain married in the movie is situated. It was heaps of fun and I think everyone joined in the singing on the way home. The next day we took a cable car up to the top of the highest peak overlooking Salzburg. It was very very high!! Heights don’t usually bother me much, but when our cable car started getting a little tossed around by the wind I couldn’t stop feeling a little ill! The views once we got up the top were amazing. There was track used for cross country skiing and so Adam and I ventured down it for a little walk. The snow was freezing but the sun was beautiful. We needed our sunnies. Adam went off track and managed to find himself buried in knee deep snow. We then sat at the pub at the top of the mountain and drank Apple juice with soda water (the local non-alcoholic beverage).
Whilst in Slazburg we also visited Mozart’s birthplace and then his residence for a number of years and ate lots of weiner schnitzel and apple studel with cream. We probably put on a couple of kgs at least. Oh Well! We had a delightful long weekend and loved Austria!