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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Apr 2007

Location: London, UK

MapWell I must apologize for not updating the page sooner. Donít worry Adam has been given me plenty of grief about it! We have also been having terrible trouble with the internet. Everyone has gone wireless over here and we seem to be able to access everyone elseís network but our own. To all those people who have sent us an email Ė Thank you and I will return the favour soon! We really havenít been doing a lot of traveling of late and the weeks have been flying by. I have had a 6 week stint in a Nursery class (3/4 year olds) and I have absolutely loved it! The nursery is attached to a school so I have enjoyed being back in the school environment Ė planning, staff meeting and itís so nice to actually know peopleís names. My stint in the Nursery finished yesterday, it is now the Easter holidays and Adam and I are heading to Greece and the Greek islands later on today for ten days. I was really upset to leave the kids yesterday. It seems as though we are always saying good bye to people. The children were just gorgeous and I got very attached! There is a chance that I will be back there after the holidays. The teacher has been off on stress leave and she retires next February so I think see will try and be at school as little as possible. I donít think I told you, but after I found out that I had the job in Hong Kong Adam quit his job as he wasnít really enjoying staring at a computer screen all day and returned to classroom assisting. He has worked in a variety of schools and has only been bitten once in the last 6 weeks so heís really enjoying himself. He has picked up a terms work after the Easter break at a school in Drury Lane (Theatre Land) working with an 8 year old autistic boy in a mainstream school. This will take him up to when we leave for Hong Kong so that will be good. We have decided not to take a big block of time off to travel before we head to Hong Kong as we simply canít afford it. We will continue to do short trips when and where we can afford it but we will need a deposit for a house when we get to HK and will probably need to buy some items of furniture etc. We will do it one day soon though!! Well must be off to the airport. Happy Easter everyone and I hope you are all well!