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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Apr 2007

Location: Santorini, Greece

MapDays 4 – 6 Santorini
Headed off on an organised tour around the island of Santorini in a glass bottom boat. Our first port of call was an active volcano. We had one and a half hours to climb to the top of the volcano and get down again. It was a bit of a hike but the views were amazing and we even got to see some steam coming out of the mountain – a bit stinky! Our next stop was some thermal hot springs. I had bought my bathers, but wasn’t to keen when they explained you had to dive from the boat into the ocean and swim to the hot springs 50 metres away. Adam and Jeremy couldn’t say no, but I am glad to say the girls gave it a miss. The water was freezing and the thermals weren’t that hot either. I enjoyed taking photos from the boat. Lastly we headed to a nearby island for lunch and a nap on the beach. We then headed back to the main port of Santorini. I forgot to mention that to get down to the boat this morning we headed down steep steps from the top of the island to the port which took about 30 minutes. It was heavy going. So on our return the girls decided to take the very convenient cable car back up the mountain and the boys took donkeys. We then did some shopping around the town enjoying exploring the little cobbled streets and white and blue buildings. We had a delicious meal overlooking the ocean perched right on the top of a cliff. That night we headed to one of the bars on the beach. We got talking to the locals who told us that tomorrow (Easter Sunday) there was a big festival in the town. We had noticed earlier in the day men handing up a dummy in the centre of town on a large wire across the street. Apparently this represents Judas and all the men bring their guns to shoot him because of his betrayal to Christ. Santorini is the only island to hold this festival so it sounded interesting. They also all roast whole lambs on spits for the day and eat them that night for dinner, so this excited Adam!!
The shooting festival didn’t start until 5pm so we spent the day on the beach – sunbathing, reading and swimming (Adam, Jeremy and Jess were the only ones to enjoy the freezing water, Lan and I gave it a miss!!)
At around 4.45 we headed to were the dummy was hanging for the shooting. Men were gathered with their bags of ammo and their shot guns and already you could feel the testosterone in the air. We were a little concerned by the lack of organisation though. They hadn’t blocked off the area at all and cars kept coming around the corner, but no injures occurred. At 5 the shooting began. Basically they just kept shooting until the dummy was no longer – it was very noisy! That night we enjoyed roast lamb which we had to purchase by the kilo with roast potatoes. Adam was in heaven and I must admit it was delicious!!
We had to get up quite early on the last day as we had another ferry to catch this time to the island if Ios where we were only staying one night.