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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Apr 2007

Location: Athens, Greece

MapDay 10 Ė Athens
We enjoyed our last day in Athens by catching up on souvenir shopping. The boys decided that they were over following us around the shops so they took this time to go and look around Olympic Stadium that was built for the 2004 Olympics. They had a great time looking around the stadium and were even given exclusive access by one of the security guards. We all met up, bought the last minute souvenirs and headed out to the airport for the journey back to London.
We all had a fantastic holiday Ė lots of fun, delicious food, good friendships and exploring another part of this amazing world. Itís back to reality now. Unfortunately my time at the Nursery has come to an end so who knows where I will be working this week. Letís hope they go easy on me!!