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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Apr 2007

Location: London, England

MapToday I possibly had one of the funniest moments of my life. Whilst heading home on the train the other night from the airport I happened to be reading in the paper about how an attempt was to be made of the weekend to break the Guinness World record for the number of people bouncing on Space Hoppers together at one time. The invitation was open to all and we decided that this was something we had to be apart of. So early this morning, Jeremy, Alannah, Adam and I headed down to the Millennium Bridge in London to register and receive our free space hopper. I am proud to say that at 10.30 am London time 600 people (the previous record was 545 people) bounced on the Millennium Bridge in London for a total of one minute. We will now be in the next addition of the Guinness Book of Records will definitely be buying that one for the coffee table. I had not been on a space hopper since I was a child and I had forgotten how much fun it was and looking at the other 599 smiling and laughing faces around me I guess they had forgotten too. Definitely a story to tell the grandkids. A proud day!