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Lauren + Adam’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Great Missenden, UK

MapWe had such a great day today, although it poured and poured the whole day. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big big fan of the late Roald Dahl and his wonderful stories. After doing a nd internet search the other day I found that in the town where he lived they have set up a museum in his honour which houses many of his personal possessions including photos, writings etc. So being such a big fan we decided to head out of London for the day and go to the town of Great Missenden. It was only a 40 minute train ride away and after all this time Adam and I are only just beginning to realise how much there is to do in this country and nothing is that far away.
I had a lovely time at the museum looking at the many things that the family of Roald Dahl have donated to help preserve the memory of him. He really did lead a fasinating life as a pilot in his younger days to settling down in his home town of Great Missenden to write. He built a little shed in his backyard where he did all his writing. He had his favourite chair, a thermos of tea and the pencils and yellow paged notebooks that he used to write his stories in. They even have a little shed set up in the museum just like Roald Dahl's would have looked. Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to visit his grave as it was pouring with rain and we were going to miss the train, but it really was a super and interesting day out. He may now be gone but he certainly lives on through his stories.