Kath’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Mar 2007

Location: Clapham Junction, England

MapIm sitting here at work, waiting for my last few patients to turn up. It's a beautiful bright sunny day, the daffodils are out and people have actually ventured out to cafes with tables on the pavements.

It's a bit like home, when the first sighting of a cicada heralds the coming of summer. Though I still haven't spotted the first pair of lilly white english legs in a pair of shorts yet. Seeing James at the airport in a pair after flying from Peru last month, didn't count. He was the only one getting off the plane in a t-shirt and shorts and quickly got changed before leaving the building.

That seems like ages ago but was only 3 weeks.

I started my Tropical nursing Diploma on Wednesday. Amazing. I think I'm going to have to be doing some serious studying. !!!!

Did you know only female mossies bite.?! And tetanus doesn't kill you (if you have access to an ITU and a ventilator.)

Right, back to work to make young children cry..........
yes that's right, I give kids their vaccinations. They come in all smiley and happy. And then you should see some of the looks I get from them as the go out the door. I think I need to invest in some ear plugs.