Kath’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2008

Location: Cotonou, Benin

Maphi all, sorry about the spelling in advance but the keyboard is a la africa.

since my lqst email wa have travelled through Cameroon into Nigeriq qnd from there to Benin. It's been very hot qnd sticky qnd humid not helped by the fqct thqt we haven,t had running water in most of the places we have stayed at.

Qfter leaving N'goundere we headed through the Camaroonian bush north west to Waza National Park where we saw some giraffes and lots of ants and mossies.

We then headed west to Nigeria taking nearly 5 hours to get qcross the border, into another national park called Yankari National PArk where we saw elephants galore.lots of babies!!!!
We spent the qfternoons lazing about in the warm springs. Heaven !!!!

From there we headed to Jos where we checked out the locql museums and sampled the local cuisine. Chilli everywhere.

After a few more dqys in the bush we crossed into Benin and stqyed in q cqmpsite in Abomey. it is the centre of the Danhomey capitol/religion. We scooted qround on mopeds having a look at local handicrafts and sampling more local food. We even went to a voodoo ceremony one night which was amazing !!!!! lots of costumes, dancing, singing, drums and twirling. Great fun.

We went from ther to Cotonou to apply for our Ghanian visas, only to be told they would take 3 days. so we headed to Grand Popo beach for some time in the sun. swimming in a warm atlantic ocean, eating seafood, and going to another voodoo ceremony this time for 3 hours. what more can you ask for?

We spent 2 afternoons on boat, once going around a stilt village looking at the houses in the middle of a lake, and the fishermen on their boats, qnd qnother spent in the mangroves going qcross to a village to walk around and look at more voodoo fetishes.

Back to Cotonou last night in an attempt to pick up our visas this morning then off to Togo tomorrow.