Kath’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008

Location: Accra, Ghana

MapHello all, Am in Acrra at the mo about to head west to Elmina to spend some time on the beach then north to Kumasi to see the Ashanti capitol.

From Cotonou in Benin we headed to Grandpopo beach and then kept going west to Togo and then into Ghana. More beaches, lots of people around for the football cup, even Bush is making an appearance tonight. We spent last night in the pub with 20 of the US Marines that are here to 'protect him'. They are supposed to be secret service but after a stomach full of the local brew all the secrets came out. it was very entertaining having a 'discussion' with someone who other than for his job, would never have got a passport and left the country, to say that 'all the middle eastern countries are shit and that they don't produce anything'. When i mentioned oil, he said that they didn't produce it they just took it from the ground. Unbelievable how narrow minded they can be. oh...... and I now know all about Bush's visit, where he is going, staying and even that he is only here for 2 days not the advertised 3. so much for the secret service.

I have finally found some sweet chillli sauce. heaven !!!!! so avocadoes here I come.