Kath’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Mar 2008

Location: Tombouctou, Mali

MapHello, well it's been a very busy past 3 weeks since Accra.

We headed up throught the middle of Ghana, stopping at Mole National park to see some elephants. We watched from our campsite on the top of a hill as 14 elephants swam in a waterhole directly below us. We kept heading north crossing into Burkina Faso where we spent 5 days crossing the country to Ougadougou and then to Bobo-Delassi. Try and pronounce those names when you've had a few local beers. hehehe

In Ougadougou we spent the morning walkking around the city only to be encourqged back to our campsite by the militia who were walking around town all with the biggest guns I had ever seen. There had been localised riots and there was talk of a fullscale riot in the afternoon. what an excuse to spend the day beside the pool.

After Bobo we headed into Mali for some nights in the bush before heading by ferry across to Djenne to see it's famous mosque and surrounding markets. The colours, sights and sounds were amazing. Tuareg people everywhere where brightly coloured scarves and peering out at you with piercing eyes. After Djenne we jumped on a boat and cruised up the Niger river spending 3 days gettting to Tombuktou. We stopped off at a few villages along the way tto pick up chickens or fish for dinner, spent hours waving at people, children in particular, on the babks or on other boats. We counted 16 hippos in the water, some of them enormous !!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided then not to go swimming.
Today we walked around the old town of Timbuktoo looking at it's 3 old mosques and markets and tried not to get covered in the dust and sand that is everywhere. Tomo^rrow we head southwest across the country.