Kath’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008

Location: Dakar, Senegal

MapHi again, well we left Bamako on St Patricks Day. No green guiness for us. In fact no cold beer at all. Oh well. I spent the morning in the pool before we headed off for a few days of driving. We crossed into Senegal with a very quick border crossing. Lunch stop under a tree before heading off for more bush camping.

The next day we stopped at a place called Tambacounda we our cook group had to go shopping. How many different dishes can you cook with just tomatoes, garlic, onions and pasta?
After a very long 2 hour drive over the bumpiest road ever we got to our campsite in the national park, overlooking the river. It was beautiful. We sat in the bar and watched a hippo emerge every so often to see if we were still there. We spent a couple of nights at the the national park doing a walk, a game drive as well as an afternoon on a boat, floating past more hippos. They look really big especially when there is only a thin hull of a boat between you and them.

Another bush camp alongside a road that was more pothols than tarmac. and the best thing was.....they charged us to drive on it.

Easter Sunday had us waking before sunrise. No easter eggs for me. We averaged 20km/hr for the whole day over more pot holes before camping in a quarry under a huge yellow moon.
Then Dakar here we come. It was a bit of a culture shock to drive into a capital city after spending the past few days out in the bush, with no showers and no tarmac.
3 days spent in civilisation. Running water, electricity and pollution. Not the best. We wandered around the markets, streets and museums. Even spent a day heading out o the slave market. Lots to see, many people to meet. Dakar was great!!!