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Rich,Sue,Liz & Jack’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Nov 2006

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

MapWell after years of planning, the day has finally arrived. Today we are off to Brisbane to catch our first flight on our big trip, an eight hour flight to HongKong.

Everyone is very excited and also a little apprehensive - the fear of the great unknown I guess. I do not think Lizzy & Jack really know what to expect. To them it is just like we are going to Straddie for the weekend!

The last few weeks have been really hectic. It seems we have done not much else except eat, drink and party. Lots of emotional goodbyes to all our wonderful family and friends. We will miss you all. Thank god for technology as it makes communicating very easy with emails, msm, skype and of course planet ranger!

Our Marg (Aunty Marg) is here to pick us up. Luggage is loaded - we have done pretty good with one bag each and one carry on item each - considering we have clothes for a year, a guitar, movie camera, tripod and laptop!

Off to Brisbane Airport for a 1.50pm departure. Our goodbye to Marg was really hard - we have basically left Marg in charge of our whole lives - we will repay you one day Marg.