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skivostaff’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Dec 2006

Location: Le Praz, France

MapHey everyone and welcome!!

Season has got off to a good start. We have all officially lost our kidney's, livers and lungs!! But think we remember having a fab time doing it!!

This $season we have adopted a white bunny rabbit called 'Polar Bun' (MR.Jackson's porn name)!! You will see it popping up all over the place, it is our job to get it to as many places as possible!! If you have any ideas as to where you'd like it to go, then just let us know!!

We had a fab christmas and did secret santa, some presents were better than others!! Porn magazine and dvd of 40 year old women!! Need we say more!!

New Years we are all dressing in fancy dress and going up to 1850 to watch fireworks and get pissed on the piste!! Could possibly (very likely) end up walking/slipping down the slope, all the way home!!