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skivostaff’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Jan 2007

MapWell we had a fab New Year!! We all went upto 1850 to watch the fireworks!! Very very drunk!! There were lots of bundles and kisses going on!! Nikki got knocked out and had to sit down for the rest of the evening! And we managed to destroy the bunny!! It's insides have come out. We will still take the shell with us everywhere though!!

Rich, managed to try break everyone's noses and or necks, just before falling of the bus!!

We then all came back down to Le Praz to go to the Pizzeria, the boys all dressed up in the girls clothes!! And went to the Pizzeria wearing them, very very amusing. One or two people actually thought that they were woman!!

The following day we all went to La tania ski lodge for lunch, just to make sure that the drinking was carried on!! The girls cracked open a bottle of champagne at about 10am for breakfast, then straight back on it!!