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skivostaff’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Jan 2007

MapWell we are all still having fun!! Although everyone is really ill at the moment. Well the ones who aren't drinking enough are getting ill!!!

Candis is learning to snow board!! Teaching Kev a thing or to

Nicole has successfully had the best fall ever, she managed to ski into the tables and chairs of a restaurant and they all went flying!!

We had a party at Parloup and Nicole got thrown in the hot tub, fully clothed with 7 guys. There are photos!!

Moira and David went on an Aeroplane flight, photos to follow!!

Nikki did a full days ski ing and made it all the way over to Val Thorens!!

Jim still hasn't skied!!!

Copper has started his basi foundation

James is joining in with kids' lessons

Ciao for now