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skivostaff’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Feb 2007

MapWe have lost Kev and Cadice, has anyone seen them?? They went into the bedroom and have not been seen since!!!! If anyone has seen them please reply or Kev and Candice (Ken and Barbie) if you are reading this please let us know that you are ok!!

Jim and Nikki skied again!!!!! Been going on lots of walks though, still only drinking partners!!

Jade is "Just Jade"!

Dippy isn't getting much sleep at the moment!!

James has got a young lady, but, no one has actually met her yet! Does she really exist??

Moira is back with David!

It was Haydn's birthday yesterday!! Went to La Tania

Big Sam still hasn't smiled, think his face is likely to crack when he finally does!!

Big up to Wee Sam the second in command of the chief retards!!!

love to all our devoted readers, I promise that i'll put some more photos on very very soon!!!