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skivostaff’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Apr 2007

Location: UK

MapHey people, sorry about the delay in updating, been a little hectic the last couple of weeks!!


We have had many injuries in the last couple of weeks so we are now going to update you on who is alive and well and who has been sent back to the grotty UK!! Here goes, it might take a while.

Well it all started with Lee, who broke his collar bone a number of weeks ago now, he is now fully fixed and back at work!!

Then there was Stella who hurt her knee, this heeled but then she went and broke her arm!! Adrian also hurt his knee, so they have now been struck off and are now back in the UK.

Then there was Nikki, who broke her neck. Bum boarding of all things. She has obviously been struck off and sent home, although I am pleased to report that she will be back on the 11th April, just in time for Jim's birthday.

Then there was Nicola, who replaced Nikki in Marguerite, Copper tried to top her and she sliced the main artery and tendon thingys in her thumb.

Then David crashed into a guest and hurt his leg.

Then Nicola's replacement dropped a knife INTO his foot, was back at work relatively quickly though.

Then Benjy Pops fell out of a Christmas tree and has broken his shoulder, I think he is being sent home this week.

So there you have it!! Will add more pictures soon!!!