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skivostaff’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Apr 2007

Location: UK

Map2 entries in one day!!!!

I would just like to thank everybody for their help, texts and phone calls falling my accident.

Iwould like to thank.........................................

Dippy, Mark and Jim for staying with me whilst lying in the cold snow.

Mark for jumping in front of a Piste basher to help.

Kev Ben and Candice for getting very annoyed thinking that we were just pissing around

Jim for coming with me to Moutiers and staying with me through everything and seeing far too much.

Kev and Candice for visiting me and bringing some stuff down for me whilst in Moutiers. Especially thanks to Kev for bringing me a bum board.

Thank you to Jim, Candice and Nicole for visitng me when I was in Grenoble hospital.

Dippy for visiting me dressed as a pirate!!

TO Nicola for being my text hospital buddy

Big Sam and Amanda for coming to visit

Kev and Candice for coming to pick me up after I was discharged.

Jim for tidying the bedroom

Thank you to Celia for coming to my rescue in my hour of need and driving me to the pharmacy.

Big big thank you to Jim for just being there and looking after me when I came out of hospital, and for listening to me whinge and cry when i was depressed in hospital. Couldn't have got through it all with out you.

Love you all