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Safwan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Dec 2006

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapHi all,

So the Xmas weekend is behind us, the matric results came out last night and my cuz Ama passed with an Endorsement!! YEahhhhh!

I'm in the office where it is eerily quiet and a bit spooky with everyone on vacation.

Last week's camp was awesome, the weather definitely did not disappoint. The highlight for me was the visit from a group of friendly dolphins who took pity on us and decided to show us how to surf the waves properly!! :)

Xmas morning was quite eventful for us on camp. Nobes (My wife) and I decided on an early morning beach walk and took Aisha with us - IMAGINE our delight and surprise to find the dolphins cavorting in the water! We were so scared we were going to miss out that we did not fetch the others until at least an hour had passed and we realised these dolphins were there to stay...

When we got back to camp - the camp was in an uproar! All the adults was gone - looking for Aisha (8year old) who of course was with us - we did not inform the guys we were taking her with us to the beach and they assumed she had gone missing. I felt terrible about the trauma we put everyone through, but we quickly got them to forget by taking them down to the beach to meet and enjoy the dolphin surfers!

Nothing could beat Xmas morning, sitting on the beach with a hot cup of coffee in our pyjamas, laughing and revelling in the dolphins' antics. And yes they were showoffs! They knew they had an audience alright!

It was a morning I will never forget.

I am off to the Congo soon and hope to visit the Silverback Gorillas, as this is the only place in the world where you can see them in their natural environment! So in between work, meeting the locals and exploring, I am making a point of visiting the gorillas. My own "Gorillas in the mist" so to say.
Departing on 14th January 2007 and I will keep this page updated with pics and my experiences, so keep coming back.