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Safwan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jan 2007

Location: Kinshasa, Congo (Dem. Rep.)


Tomorrow I get to go home! The experience in Congo has been thrilling, but I am really missing home now. Also I am feeling lousy today - been up most of the night with a bad case of the runs. :(
Had to visit the SAA offices to confirm my ticket back home - even this was an experience.
I waited in a queue for about 15 minutes and then was told by the helpful assistant that I need to stand in another queue with someone who has a computer. So I did this- after all I DO want to go home and if you dont confirm and your name is not on the list when you get to the airport - guess get to stay another few days.
Finally got to the front of the next queue and asked the lady to confirm my ticket. She wrote down my name in an exercise book, smiled and told me it is now confirmed! Get this - she did not even touch her PC!!!!
God I hope my name is on the list tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have to leave Kinshasa at 8am to get to the airport by 10am. Check in - AND if all goes well and I dont have another run in with Customs, then I get to fly home at 12h55 (Kinshasa time). Four flight hours later I am in Jhb. Then get the 8pm flight home to CT.
So guess what - I am going to be bushed!

PS! All muslims who visit Kinshasa - there are a couple of halaal restaurants, but my favorite is Al Dar. It is a Lebanese restaurant that makes the best Chawarma Poulet (Chicken swarma). And it only costs a thousand Congolese francs. This converts to about $2 or R14. True value for money! AS for Jumuah - this I went and performed at the Egyptian embassy.
DRC is a predominantly Catholic country, but has a number of Muslims and some other African tribal religions.

To all at home:- SEE YOU SOON!
To all the rest: WIll update my pics as soon as I am home and had a chance to recover!

Au revoir