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Safwan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Feb 2007

Location: Kinshasa, Gombe, Congo (Dem. Rep.)

MapBonjour all,

After spending a day and a half without any electricity and listening to the incoming news of the "unrest" currently in Bas-Congo, which is less than hour away, I started to re-evaluate an extended stay here...

Also the ex-pats here might be having a great go of it, but I spoke to some of the wives, who does not find it to be a picnic at all.

I could easily sacrifice 3 years and do this, but would not be able to subject my wife and son to this environment right now. Perhaps things will improve over the next year, but right now - no.

So thanks for all your inputs and comments - it helped me focus on what is important for this type of decisionmaking.

That does not eman this is not a place to come visit! A new store called Kin-Mart has just opened and looks just like our Woolies back home. They have all the RSA imported fruit and products and then some other we dont get at home. So yes - things are changing and perhaps in a year's time I will re-evaluate if the offer still exists.

I have been bitten by mozzies during this blackouts and I am struggling not to scratch the bites. So yes it is back to long sleeves and taberd all over, but it does not seem to deter the mozzies anymore.

At least I think it's Mozzie bites - moved to a "new" hotel closer to the office and finding it a bit basic. THink it might be tick bites. Ughhhh - now I'm itching all over. Let me concentrate on something else.

Later all.

Au Revoir